Teeth Falling Out Dream

One of the strangest dreams you can have is to dream that your teeth are falling out. It might sound like a strange thing to dream but you’d be surprised at how common the teeth falling out dream is. Those who dream this often say the dream is so real that it prompts the dreamer to get up and look in the mirror to make sure it hasn’t happened in reality!

Teeth Falling Out Dream

Dreaming about your teeth falling out of your mouth might seem uncomfortable but don’t worry, there are both positive and negative interpretations of this dream. The dream can reflect anything from a significant shift in life to a lack of self-esteem. It could also represent the fear of growing older, money issues, rebirth or regret.

Here are some interpretations of the teeth falling out dream:

Positive Teeth Falling Out Interpretations

1- You Are Experiencing Personal growth

Teeth are indicative of a growth cycle.

Think about it.

You are born without teeth then you get baby teeth, which drop out and are replaced by adult teeth.

As an adult dreaming about teeth falling out, it might represent a progression from one condition to another.

2- You Desire To Be A Child Again

Another popular interpretation of the teeth falling out dream is a simple one.

You want to return to a simpler time — like when you were a kid — and mom and dad took care of everything for you.

It also means you’re facing a time of development, which can be uncomfortable or difficult but do consider sticking to your current course and pushing through the difficult times.

If you preservere on your current course, great things can happen but if you lose your nerve, you’ll go back to the past.

3- You Need To Take Care of Yourself

This dream could also reflect a real need for you to take better care of yourself during a dramatic life change.

Perhaps you’re experiencing difficulties in your job or relationships and it’s a time when you are growing within yourself or discovering hidden aspects of your personality.

Look into your inner self.

4- Your Self Esteem Is Growing

Teeth are symbols of dominance.

So if you keep dreaming about teeth falling out, it can relate to your power within a situation.

Ultimately, it may mean you have a desire to wield more influence over your world or over others.

It also can relate to gaining trust in either a business situation or a personal relationship.

5- You’re About To Experience Something New

According to Jung, dreaming about teeth symbolises giving birth to something different.

The falling teeth dream represents the stress and pain that goes hand-in-hand with beginning something new.

It could be a new work, new home, new relationship or time of substantial growth in any of these areas.

Negative Teeth Falling Out Dreams

6- You Feel Unsafe

Losing teeth is associated with the loss of something in your life or major life changes.

This dream could mean you’re struggling to cope with some form of loss, like a sudden end to a relationship or job change.

7- You Need To Make Sacrifices

This dream can happen while facing a life decision and we’re not happy with the choices.

For example, you may be disillusioned about your career choice, but you’re also worried about the cost of going back to school.

Or you might be unhappy in your job, but you can’t leave or change careers because you have a huge mortgage.

8- You Are Paralysed With Fear

This dream could also be highlighting the price you will have to pay for not taking action.

Maybe you’ve lost the ability to absorb information and are fearful about making a decision.

9- You Have Low Self Image

Very often, dreamers who have recurring dreams about teeth falling out are fearful of the ageing process and all the potential negatives that might bring.

For example, you might be fearful about not looking attractive, being less effective at work or lacking assertiveness.

10- You Are Sexually Repressed

This dream, Freud claims, reflects sexual repression.

Teeth dropping in a dream is considered a sign of fear of male genitalia. And it might lead to a partner’s sexual contact anxiety.

A less literal meaning may be the concept of powerlessness, violence, and security issues.

Whether negative or optimistic, the perception is much more meaningful in connecting it with the personal life activities, circumstances or feelings.

Ask yourself what this could represent, or what role it might play in your dream life and awake life.